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Sociam Identity


March 13, 2014

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About This Project

SOCIAM is funded (£6m) by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) together with additional contributions from key international research, public sector and industry partners. These include IBM, Edelman, Deloitte, Microsoft, Ctrl SHIFT, Home Office, Cabinet Office and Hampshire Constabulary.


Social Machines are the focus of SOCIAM – “the theory and practice of Social Machines”. The ultimate ambition of SOCIAM is to enable us to build the next generation of Social Machines that solve the routine tasks of daily life as well as more serious challenges.


Social Machines
A Social Machine is ‘purposeful interaction between humans and machines’.

With their disruptive qualities, Social Machines have proved they have the ability to dramatically change our world. Their effect is exemplified by the truly pervasive nature of social networking across the world.


Incentivisation drives the conceptualisation of and investment in Social Machines and this incentivisation can be perceived or actual – in the form of commercial, social, political, scientific, or health and safety benefits, among others.