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RTPI Corporate ads

Royal Town Planning Institute

May 15, 2014

Campaigns, Design
About This Project

Client:Royal Town Planning Institute


The Royal Town Planning Institute is the UK’s leading planning body for spatial, sustainable and inclusive planning and is the largest planning institute in Europe with over 23,000 members.


The term town planning was first used in Britain in 1906. Statutory practice of town planning stemmed from the Housing, Town Planning, etc Act 1909, which permitted local authorities under the close supervision of the Local Government Board to prepare such schemes for land in course of development, or likely to be developed. The schemes were particularly appropriate for suburban areas, where they regulated both the layout of land and the density of development, and reserved land for new highways.


This was a series of adverts for the Royal Town Planning Institute.
They were looking for various adverts for their magazine, ‘The Planner’. All the ads needed to adhere to the RTPI guidelines and be adaptable for internal and external use.


Designers: L. May, K. Vernège