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Planning Horizons


November 13, 2014

BROCHURES, Corporate, Designs, Infographics
About This Project

RTPI was looking to release five ‘Planning Horizons’ research reports during 2014 as part of the Centenary celebrations. These are available electronically and also in hardcopy and were given out at conferences and five specific launches during the year.


The audience were their members and a broader, more general group of people who may have an active or passing interest
in planning.


Design requirements

Oxoeve Creative created templates for five different covers. The template included the following:

• Introductory pages (e.g. forewords, about the RTPI),

• Section dividers (typically full page visual with intro text)

• Feature pages (typically in 2-3 page sections, including case study boxes, some infographics, charts, maps etc)

• Back cover (about the Planning Horizons series etc, to reflect our brand and the ‘Planning Horizons’ look and feel).


The Planning Horizons reports needed to be visually engaging and attract the reader to the both the content and the design with an overall visual impact beyond the front cover.

The Planning Horizons reports were required to reflect the RTPI’s corporate style as outlined in the RTPI style guide and the Oxoeve worked closely with the RTPI marketing team on adhering to
this document.