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IFG Brand refresh


July 04, 2013

Branding, Designs
About This Project

Client: Institute for Government

The Institute for Government (IfG) is an independent charity working to improve government effectiveness. We work with all the three main political parties to bring best practice and thinking from around the world into government. We work closely with top civil servants and ministers to share ideas, challenge the status quo and to ensure all our research is expertly communicated and
acted upon.


The Institute was set up only four years ago and in 2010 won the Prospect think tank of the year award – the most recognised award for think tanks in the UK. We have built up a body of authoritative work on issues relating to effective government, parliament and the civil service. We regularly feature in the media and our key audiences refer to
our work.


We have a new core mission: to promote the effectiveness and efficiency of government.
This is not yet reflected in our publications.


Project: Refining and updating the brand guidelines taking into account our existing publications and various interpretations of the Institute for Government brand over the past four years.


Also, provide the Institute with an updated brand guidelines document that will build on our already recognisable brand, making sense of our brand collateral. The guidance must reflect the Institute’s purposes now and in the future, keeping in line with our core purpose, values and audiences.


Codify the use of our logo, fonts, images colour palette, and publication type for print and electronic media. Develop a suite of publication covers for reports and work templates, taking past publications and templates as a guide.


Our client asked us to consider: How we develop our brand without a re-launch or redesign of the IfG logo and colour palettes. Improved brand guidelines that provide more detailed advice for the breadth of our activities, offering a more coherent approach to the use of our branding elements.


The logo, colours and general style of the IfG reports cannot be radically changed. Instead we are looking for alterations and suggestions for improvement and rationalisation using our existing colour palettes and logo.


How we present our brand in formal research printed and online publications, our online news releases, our regular Whitehall Monitor bulletin and our e-newsletter, eliminating incoherence and inconsistency. Please note, we are not looking for the design of the whole bulletin, just the way we could use colour, titles and the logo.


How we can best use the colour palettes already agreed and by the IfG and already used to some extent online and in
our e-newsletter.


How we use photography and charts and graphs on our front covers and in our reports. How we interpret the brand guide for our templates used every day, such as our PowerPoint templates, handouts and email notices and backdrops, event email notices
and invitations.


The supplier must take into consideration the colours and styles used by government,
political parties and other think tanks. Our representation must be authoritative, distinctive and always represent our most important value – our impartiality.