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05 Aug HRA Year in Review

Health Research Authority The Health Research Authority (HRA) wanted to create a clean, simple, professionally designed format, that incorporated strong and engaging case study images. To explore interactive formats, displaying the publication on their website with active links to relevant content throughout the document and displaying alongside...

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06 Mar Ash Lodge Brickworks

Ash Lodge Bricks   Ash Lodge Bricks works is a modern day family run construction company steeped in a building heritage across three generations.   The identity needed to be impactful but still maintain a sense of the building trade, which is so passionately expressed throughout every project, no...

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15 May Big Society at a glance

Client: Cabinet Office Project: Big Society infographic The Big Society was part of the legislative programme of the Conservative - Liberal Democrat Coalition Agreement.  The stated aim is to create a climate that empowers local people and communities, building a "big society" that will take power away from politicians and...

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09 Mar Whitehall Monitor

Client: Institute for Government The Institute for Government (IfG) is an independent charity working to improve government effectiveness. We work with all the three main political parties to bring best practice and thinking from around the world into government. We work closely with top civil servants and...

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