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Graphic Design

Concepts and ideas for print

Above all we are passionate about ideas, concepts, storytelling and creative direction. We believe that great ideas are the foundation of a great message – one which is understood clearly and quickly. A clear message helps you to build and maintain your business reputation. We connect through creativity and help you to prepare and build for success. See below for more details, or simply visit our portfolio.

  • Posters

  • Brochures

  • Corporate & Annual reports

  • Point of sale

  • Packaging


We design for a wide range of literature, including general brochures, corporate and annual reports, magazines, newsletters, manuals and toolkits – all of which can be designed for either print or digital channels, or both.

Campaign material

We develop ideas for sales and promotional campaigns to promote products and services. This also includes point-of-sale material for retail environments and designs for direct marketing strategies and events materials.

Graphical and information design

We take on a variety of graphic design projects which cover a wide range of topics. Broadly speaking these include logo identities, leaflets, maps and diagrams, easy reads and large-print material, as well as posters and press advertisements for print and digital channels.


We can also help you make your communications more accessible. Accessibility in communications is achieved by balancing three key elements so that you reach the widest audience. Firstly, the language must be clear. Secondly, the design should be engaging and should not be an obstacle to the content. Thirdly, the delivery should employ the diversity of technology to ensure inclusion.

Tagging a PDF into accessible format can take a standard PDF to another level, where the content can be repurposed across many applications and media. Content can be enabled, to make it possible to be listened to; the document can be rescaled and recoloured for people with visual impairments; and the content can be repurposed for Braille or other languages.

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